The Teams You Should Bet for in this IPL Season

The Teams You Should Bet for in this IPL Season

There hasn’t been a league as big as the IPL in India, be it in terms of gathering viewers or raking in huge profits. Many factors about this yearly Indian sport marvel have changed over the past decade, a few among it being the lineup of every team, consequently the strength of teams, and the betting opportunities it has. Fans wait for the first three months of every year to pass by for this grand event to arrive. It is not just the fans of the sport, but also the bettors who eagerly wait for the new season to kick in. When it comes to wagering, things aren’t as easy as watching the game. You need to have a clear idea of how to get things right for the bets that you place.

When winning big is the objective in mind, don’t step into the field with zero knowledge and expect to come out shining. Learn about the league’s status and the position of each team on the table. Look for the predictions that elucidate on the details of the potential of each team. Do the essential homework and then decide whether you want to go for your favorite players or the ones who look to be more promising. Here is a closer look at all the teams and their present status, based on which, their performances and wins have been predicted. Check it out before heading out to bet on any random team.

Winner of IPL 2020?

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the betting sites launch offers every year as the season is about to kick off. Several sites have been offering predictions since the second season, some of which have been quite precise. This section would not provide you with definitive speculations on who will win the 13th edition of IPL. Top betting sites or other online platforms can be easily accessed now to check for the best teams and their performance graph. All 7 weeks of the league has to be eyed on properly by keeping track of each game and the progress of every player.

As per several early speculations on the reliable sites, Mumbai Indians have the highest odds working in their favor. Mumbai Indians hold a 5, Sunriser Hyderabad- 5.10, Chennai Super Kings- 5.90, Royal Challengers Bangalore- 7.75, Delhi Capitals- 7.75, Kolkota Knight Riders- 8.00, Rajasthan Royals- 9.75, and Kings XI Punjab- 10.


Anticipations of Best Teams in 2020

As always, hopes are high for the all-time popular team Chennai Super Kings. It is an undeniable fact that M.S Dhoni has the ability to bring in a great deal of audience to the stadium with the men in yellow who never fail to impress with their performance. Except for the years when the team was banned, CSK has fared well in all seasons. Mumbai Indians is the next on the list with a huge fan base, which grew over the years as their team got stronger. Go for CSK, Mumbai Indians, or Sunrisers Hyderabad when you have plans to bet this IPL season.

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