The 2 Best Websites for Cricket Prediction for Successful Betting in IPL

The 2 Best Websites for Cricket Prediction for Successful Betting in IPL

Cricket Prediction

Betting over cricket has been widely accepted since the advent of the sport in India. From the initial days of playing on the gritty fields for the sheer fun of it, cricket has grown to become one of the biggest businesses in the country. With an extraordinary lineup having set up for the teams in the IPL this season, fans cannot wait any longer for the official date to be announced. Health crises are leading to a delay in the launch of the biggest domestic cricket event. The avid game followers and bettors are all set to get their vocal cords shouting out for the teams and their favorite players.

Ever since the launch of the first season of IPL, betting options have multiplied, and the prediction platforms have developed to a higher standard. With the tools available online, bettors would be quite confused with picking the right one for them. Here is a list of the best websites for cricket prediction that can help you earn a decent amount out of betting.


There has not been a single site that has created sufficient content and quality to be comparable to the precedent that OnlineCricketBetting has set. You will land on the page with options to access the “Betting Odds,” “Cricket Betting Tips”, “Betting Sites,” and “How to Bet on Cricket.” Betting tips would differ with each day as the situations and status of players would change, which makes the section of “Today’s Betting Tips” an important one. Research about the games that are about to happen on that day and check through the teams and the performance history of their players before placing a bet. When you click on the option of “Betting Odds,” the page that you land on will be the one that gives you the list of matches taking place on that particular day. You can go for the “Match Centre” option to check through the predictions on the site, which will help you have a better idea about the lead-up to the match and other information.


Scour through every section on the navigation bar to delve into the world of IPL betting. Everything from betting odds, betting tips, tournaments, and betting guide is available here, all of which can help you through the plan of betting on the IPL games. On the left-hand side, you will find a slider with “Betting Tips,” which will provide you with certain tips that can help you with betting on the matches that are taking place that day. The lead-up to the matches and odds on the betting sites such as 10Cric, 1xBet, and Betway are available here with a set of predictions that could work in your favor. On the site, you can also find a guide to cricket betting which also covers the T20 version with IPL specials.

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