Everything You Need to Know About Fancy Bet in Cricket

Everything You Need to Know About Fancy Bet in Cricket

Betting in cricket is not a new concept, but it surely has taken various form all through these years. Fancy is one among the variety of bets that have defined gambling in cricket. Secure wagering has been the priority of most of the punters, which to some others, comes secondary. Sticking to the idea of throwing in all the money you have is not the best way to deal with it.

Discipline is called for in betting over sports, especially cricket; for it is the gentlemen’s game. Money management is another virtue you have to cultivate in yourself to emerge a winner in the field of betting over cricket. Plenty of other factors assimilate to make the ideal punter, which also includes the ability to keep track of the game and to identify the wagering value. On getting deeper into the field of cricket betting, you will find many more branches which you need to explore one at a time. Let us take a look at the Fancy bet in cricket, which is most often less talked about.

Fancy a Bet?

If you aren’t the avid cricket bettor, you wouldn’t be familiar with the term Fancy Bet. This bet is also known as Supremacy, which is all about the widespread fad for cricket that people share. It is a bet that incorporates, like any other bets, the idea of predictions about the margin of victory and the ultimate winner. For every run that the winning team that batted first wins by, the bettor will receive 1 point. Whereas, the punter will be awarded 10 points per wicket taken when the team that batted second wins. The quote that was present at the time of placing the bet will be taken into account, and the above system will be used to calculate the result.

In case the match ends in a tie, the result will be forced to be settled at 0. The fancy bet works in strange ways to annoy you, one of them being the void effect it creates when the second innings gets cut down further in a limited-overs match. Despite the status of the bet, closed or open, it will stand void when this situation arises (most often in case of rain). The same set of rules applies to the Test matches as well, with the zero results for draw matches being the let down for bettors.

What to Expect?

There are several categories under the fancy bet which you should know before wagering on the sport. ‘Team Runs’ is the one where you bet over the prediction of runs a team would score in the match or an innings of a Test match. This further branches to bets over the ‘First 6/15 Over-Runs,’ ‘Session Runs,’ and ‘Fall of Next Wicket.’ All the wagers have their own set of payout features and conditions, which have to be checked thoroughly before betting to be prepared for both the best and the worst.

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