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    They have some of the best reviews by experts who can help guide you through the games. With the skill that they have gained they also provide with a growth chart which gives the information about the winners.

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    What Should You Know Before Betting on the IPL 2020?

    You would come across the advent of some pathbreaking events while taking a trip into the past decade. 2008 was a happening year for India with the year’s history materializing in the extreme forms. While terror took over the country as the year was nearing its end, it was the fad for cricket that brought the population back to a normal state. The Indian Premier League that had started the same year in April had its second season launched in April 2009. It was as therapeutic as to kindle the sparks of contentment and delight within the terrified people. With 12 years having passed since the first edition, IPL has surely changed with several glorious and controversial moments to its name. One feature that has remained the same all through these years is the field of betting; indeed, it has only witnessed exponential growth. Here are a few facts you should know and check for in the betting site before betting on IPL 2020.

    1.     Safety and Security Should be the Priority

    Betting has always been looked upon with skepticism by more than half of the world; India has been no different. The online version has only augmented the effect it has created. But with the launch of IPL, as betting became immensely popular, avid bettors shifted to these platforms to wager over India’s most favorite sport cricket. As we are nearing the 2020 league, you should make sure to check on the factors of security and safety that these sites boast of. Check for the licensing of the website you select, and the basic requirements for IPL betting now are 128-bit SSL encryption, FTP protocol, and firewall protection.

    2.     Keep Track of the Games and Create a List for Yourself

    What every bettor should actively indulge in is the activity of making a valid list of the teams that they feel is on top. According to the previous records, teams will have strong and weak points that are to be taken into account to create a personal list. Doing this can help you have a clear perception of how to make bets. Betting has held half the spirit of the league, which has had various versions running online. None of those sites will function in your favor unless you have a closer look at what is going on in the league and what the possible outcomes in the future games are. According to the early predictions, Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings look to be the teams to put on an outstanding performance. Look out for them and their past league track record, and bet accordingly.

    3.     Look for the Main IPL Betting Markets

    There are different types of betting markets which you need to keep in mind. The ‘Ultimate IPL Winner Betting’ lets you wager on the team that you feel would turn out to be the winner of the competition. ‘IPL Daily Match Betting’ is the one where you can bet on the team who is, according to you, most likely to win the match of the day.

    Ways in Which You Can Place a Successful Bet in IPL 2020

    IPL betting has been around in the Indian market for the past decade, with avenues for more having been set. The league has never taken the backseat in the Indian fields but only has witnessed immense growth over the years. Betting has played a key role in garnering more fans every passing year. In the country where gambling of all sorts is prohibited has this platform exclusively for the sports bettors and cricket fans. There wouldn’t have been a better threshold than IPL to get the field of betting some traction on it.

    With the 13th edition of IPL on its way to take away the stadiums with hoots and excitement, betting platforms are also on the course of revamping to get the fans to enter their bookmakers. Competition is tight among the betting sites as well, making the entire market bustling with the start of the new season. There are no easy ways to get started with IPL betting; you need to understand the idea of it being a risky business. When you are using these betting platforms for the first time, you need to go through the terms and conditions before accepting it. To all the professional bettors and betting fanatics, here are a few ways and strategies to be successful in the 2020 IPL wagering.

    1.     Look for the Best Betting Sites

    A piece of advice that you might have come across every year while betting would be to check for the sites that offer the best perks and betting options. Going for the right website is one of the major factors that lead to successful betting. Get the best online tools before placing the bet on your favorite team. Look for the range and value of the odds, and also the betting package that is offered on every site. Try and access all the available options so that you are provided with alternate avenues towards profit.

    2.     Redeem Every Available Bonus

    Most of the betting sites offer welcome/sign up bonus, which many of the bettors overlook and leave out to claim in the process of wagering. While some forget to redeem it, others are completely oblivious of such offers. This one-time benefit cannot influence the profit you eventuate into, but it can undoubtedly pile up into the account and make for a strong foundation for you to start betting.

    3.     Keep Track of the Cricket Tipsters

    In this day of booming technology, social media plays a principal role in the growth of every product. Log in to such platforms for a clear view of what is going on in the field of cricket. Hundreds of professionals operate through such media to help people out with betting. You can easily get advice for the bets that you place through such online platforms. Go for the best sites and predictions according to these professionals’ advice and bet on the teams and players that are bound to perform well in the coming season.

    The Importance of Match Previews in Cricket Betting

    There are many steps and methods that help you to raise efficiency in betting. Out of all these, a factor that holds prime importance is match previews. Not many people take this into consideration, ultimately failing to understand what they are lacking. For cricket betting, match previews need to be consulted at all costs, and we are here to tell you why. The benefits that come your way will be immense, and you can proceed ahead in the right manner. So to help you realise, here’s why match previews are important for cricket betting.

    1. Gives an Idea

    The fundamental essence of match previews is to help you understand the aspects of what is about to go down. You will get a clear view of the match that gives you an idea of whether or not to amend your betting strategies. By understanding the various concepts that they’re talking about, you get a second chance to differentiate between a right move and a wrong move. Towards the end, everything will move to your benefit, helping you get the kind of return that you wanted.

    2. The Current Situation

    Match previews also focus on the current situation of the team and how players are performing. They tend to give you a detailed analysis of their form and also highlight their absence. You get to be aware of players who are injured and also gain the final list of the ones who are going to enter the field. As far as betting is concerned, this information stands to be of prime importance. If you’re not aware of the current situation, then you cannot place the right kind of bets. So by all means, it is good to watch match previews.

    3. Star Attractions

    Match reviews also provide a take on the player’s who might shine well on the field. These analyses are done after taking their previous games and overall record into consideration. So it is good to watch and understand them rather than to ignore the same. The kind of information that you gain in this aspect will help you make suitable decisions on the betting ground and avoid junctures that will make you lose money.

    4. Expert Predictions

    Match previews are always conducted by experts and retired players who were once the backbone of a great team. They tend to put their mind and effort into a particular game and thus provide their predictions for the match that is bound to take place. By listening to them, your betting strategies are going to improve, and you will be making informed decisions. Rookie mistakes and other problems can be reduced, thereby increasing your rate of success.

    The 2 Best Websites for Cricket Prediction for Successful Betting in IPL

    Cricket Prediction

    Betting over cricket has been widely accepted since the advent of the sport in India. From the initial days of playing on the gritty fields for the sheer fun of it, cricket has grown to become one of the biggest businesses in the country. With an extraordinary lineup having set up for the teams in the IPL this season, fans cannot wait any longer for the official date to be announced. Health crises are leading to a delay in the launch of the biggest domestic cricket event. The avid game followers and bettors are all set to get their vocal cords shouting out for the teams and their favorite players.

    Ever since the launch of the first season of IPL, betting options have multiplied, and the prediction platforms have developed to a higher standard. With the tools available online, bettors would be quite confused with picking the right one for them. Here is a list of the best websites for cricket prediction that can help you earn a decent amount out of betting.

    1.     OnlineCricketBetting.net

    There has not been a single site that has created sufficient content and quality to be comparable to the precedent that OnlineCricketBetting has set. You will land on the page with options to access the “Betting Odds,” “Cricket Betting Tips”, “Betting Sites,” and “How to Bet on Cricket.” Betting tips would differ with each day as the situations and status of players would change, which makes the section of “Today’s Betting Tips” an important one. Research about the games that are about to happen on that day and check through the teams and the performance history of their players before placing a bet. When you click on the option of “Betting Odds,” the page that you land on will be the one that gives you the list of matches taking place on that particular day. You can go for the “Match Centre” option to check through the predictions on the site, which will help you have a better idea about the lead-up to the match and other information.

    2.     CricketBetting.net

    Scour through every section on the navigation bar to delve into the world of IPL betting. Everything from betting odds, betting tips, tournaments, and betting guide is available here, all of which can help you through the plan of betting on the IPL games. On the left-hand side, you will find a slider with “Betting Tips,” which will provide you with certain tips that can help you with betting on the matches that are taking place that day. The lead-up to the matches and odds on the betting sites such as 10Cric, 1xBet, and Betway are available here with a set of predictions that could work in your favor. On the site, you can also find a guide to cricket betting which also covers the T20 version with IPL specials.

    The Teams You Should Bet for in this IPL Season

    There hasn’t been a league as big as the IPL in India, be it in terms of gathering viewers or raking in huge profits. Many factors about this yearly Indian sport marvel have changed over the past decade, a few among it being the lineup of every team, consequently the strength of teams, and the betting opportunities it has. Fans wait for the first three months of every year to pass by for this grand event to arrive. It is not just the fans of the sport, but also the bettors who eagerly wait for the new season to kick in. When it comes to wagering, things aren’t as easy as watching the game. You need to have a clear idea of how to get things right for the bets that you place.

    When winning big is the objective in mind, don’t step into the field with zero knowledge and expect to come out shining. Learn about the league’s status and the position of each team on the table. Look for the predictions that elucidate on the details of the potential of each team. Do the essential homework and then decide whether you want to go for your favorite players or the ones who look to be more promising. Here is a closer look at all the teams and their present status, based on which, their performances and wins have been predicted. Check it out before heading out to bet on any random team.

    Winner of IPL 2020?

    It doesn’t come as a surprise that the betting sites launch offers every year as the season is about to kick off. Several sites have been offering predictions since the second season, some of which have been quite precise. This section would not provide you with definitive speculations on who will win the 13th edition of IPL. Top betting sites or other online platforms can be easily accessed now to check for the best teams and their performance graph. All 7 weeks of the league has to be eyed on properly by keeping track of each game and the progress of every player.

    As per several early speculations on the reliable sites, Mumbai Indians have the highest odds working in their favor. Mumbai Indians hold a 5, Sunriser Hyderabad- 5.10, Chennai Super Kings- 5.90, Royal Challengers Bangalore- 7.75, Delhi Capitals- 7.75, Kolkota Knight Riders- 8.00, Rajasthan Royals- 9.75, and Kings XI Punjab- 10.


    Anticipations of Best Teams in 2020

    As always, hopes are high for the all-time popular team Chennai Super Kings. It is an undeniable fact that M.S Dhoni has the ability to bring in a great deal of audience to the stadium with the men in yellow who never fail to impress with their performance. Except for the years when the team was banned, CSK has fared well in all seasons. Mumbai Indians is the next on the list with a huge fan base, which grew over the years as their team got stronger. Go for CSK, Mumbai Indians, or Sunrisers Hyderabad when you have plans to bet this IPL season.

    How to Measure the Odds in IPL Betting

    With every new season of IPL rises the spirit of gambling. Betting on sports has been the oldest format of gambling, which has carried on through ages to have taken various forms. IPL is the most popular domestic cricket league with millions of people rushing to the stadium to shout out their love for the heroes on the field. What most bettors find difficult in the practice of wagering is with judging the predictions that lead to profit. When you have to understand the odds in cricket betting, you have to start with the basics.

    All those who are completely new to sports betting have to follow the concept of odds, which has its most fundamental example in a coin which has equal chances to land on ‘tails’ or ‘heads.’ Odds are simply the probability for a certain outcome to appear with the opportunity for you to shine with the profits coming your way. The odds are displayed in various forms to help the punters with understanding how it would fare for them.

    The Setting of Odds by the Bookmakers

    The working of odds in favor of the bookmaker should also be covered while trying to understand the betting options. The bookmaker would first set a probability of an outcome for the teams and players, which is then added on by the margin he expects. The margin would depend on the way you place the bet, which in most cases would work out in the bookmaker’s favor. Margin and probability would add up to give the result of 54-60% chance to lose against the bookmaker in the bet you place.

    Odds Notations

    Odds would be displayed differently on the site, which could also vary with the website you pick. You could also get the odds displayed as you wish, but its features wouldn’t change, keeping the odds same. Everyone would prefer to go for the one that they are comfortable with. But it is always best to understand every type and then to place a bet. Although not always, the formula to find your profit would function just fine.

    [Your profit= (Your stake x odds)- Your stake]

    Following are types of IPL betting odds:

    Fractional Betting Odds

    The system that was found most commonly among the UK bookmakers has now been popular in the Indian betting market as well. The notation is represented as 3/1, which simply indicates that for every 4 occurrences, there would be 3 negative outcomes and 1 positive outcome. Dividing the numbers and multiplying it times the initial bet will get you the profit that you are likely to land on.

    Decimal Betting Odds

    The notation is represented by 4, which gives the idea that when you place a bet on the odd for 1 unit currency, you will receive 4 as the total payout. Out of the 4 you bag, 1 is the initial bet which gets added with 3 other parts to result as the payout amount. This is the most preferred system of betting odds for the factor of being straightforward.

    Facts About IPL Betting

    IPL has been an undying fad among the Indians, not just for the entertainment it offers in the form of goosebumps for every wicket taken or smashes out of the stadium, but also for the betting options it has. As the new season arrives, excitement shoots up; so does the urge to bet on the teams that partake in the league. Ever since the advent of this league, fans have never stopped raving about the possibilities of the league to grow into the most popular one for cricket in the world.

    India has witnessed several significant downfalls in the past decade, all through which, cricket has sustained its position in the Indian souls.  With all the teams getting ready for the impending faceoff for the ultimate winner, people are certainly pumped up for the two-month-long marvel. As we near the 13th edition of the league, platforms for betting are all set to get bustling. If you are new to the activity of betting on IPL games, you need to learn more about what is happening within. Here are a few must-know facts about the Indian Premier League betting.

    1.     Having More Than One Bookmaker Account Benefits You

    It is quite common for people to bet on the IPL games through any single platform that appears to be reliable to them. The appealing factor could be different for each person, making all bookmaker sites unique. Each website will have a different perk to offer, which needs to be redeemed to gain the maximum out of them. By opening multiple bookmaker accounts, you are exposed to more bonuses and features than that of when being confined to just one platform. Such deals, promotions, and VIP offers will have different benefits attached to it, which when leveraged upon, you will be provided with better opportunities, experience, and a high-profit level through the betting business.


    2.     Mumbai Comes First

    According to the early predictions and precise speculations, the team that is best to be bet upon is Mumbai Indians. It is an undeniable fact that, in the past few years, Mumbai Indians have garnered more fans than they initially had. With the back-to-back victories, the Cup has been in the Mumbai fields for a long time now. The Mumbai team is followed by the three-time title winner Chennai Super Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad.


    3.     IPL Betting is as Popular as the Sport Itself

    What most people are unaware of is the fact that IPL betting is a widespread practice in the country. Even foreigners indulge in bets, which is available through various platforms. With several sites having been launched in the past decade, reliability and security have become a sphere of discussion and scepticism. You will need to look through the website and research more about it to find out about its authenticity. IPL betting is therefore popular, unlike what many Indian cricket fans think. Jump into the field and delve deeper to find the potential of the best cricket betting sites available in India.

    5 Most Important Tips that Can Help You Win in Fantasy Cricket Betting

    As the 2020 seasons of IPL and Champions League Twenty20 are around the corner, avenues for betting are also opening up. While the various betting platforms get their registers all bustling as the season hits, Fantasy cricket will fare the most out of it. Years have passed since its launch, the time at which it used to be considered a perfect way for a splurge.

    It has now grown to become one of the most popular betting platforms with thousand logging in for the sheer fun it offers for the small wagering amounts it entails. Playing fantasy cricket is a challenging betting activity like any other, with features that have been quite disruptive. Players across the globe have adapted different gameplans to excel in fantasy cricket. Here are a few tips that can help you through the trouble of familiarizing with the bet. Practice these, and you could come out winning big.

    1.      Go for the Best, Not the Favorite

    Your love for the men in blue walking down the tunnel and the way your favorite player takes that shot is completely validated with the goosebumps you experience each time they are on the field. When you are a bettor, it is imperative that you think rationally and act pragmatically. If you got money on the mind, there is no easy way to get it by pleasing your inner self. You either have to take the challenge and bet on your favorites or make the right choice of opting the best in the lot.

    2.      Research is Key

    Like on any other wagering platforms, research plays the principal role here. You need to go searching for the details that matter the most in the game that you are playing. These details include the form of each player and their track record. In order to create the invincible team, you will need to put in considerable effort and research into it to find out the best.

    3.      Trading Stage Reflects Your Managerial Skills

    There certainly are deadlines to the trading of players, which you need to keep a tab on. Look out for the most valuable players that are being traded as the league is nearing.

    4.      Intuition Could be the Savior

    Although not always, your gut feeling could work in your favor. Just when one of your players have put forth a bad performance, the idea to drop him for a newbie star could rush in. Many of your friends might end up doing that, but if your gut tells you differently, follow that. It would be this team that might work out for you in the future games. The whole point is not to push a player out of your team due to a day’s adversity; instead, act prudently and follow your intuition.


    5.      Manage Your Team Everyday

    To be successful in Fantasy cricket betting, you also need to check your team every day and manage their lineup. Move players who are not in form from the eleven and add the ones who are fit enough to play. You are likely to get better results this way.

    Betting Tips for IPL 2020

    Betting Tips

    The fun and excitement of the cricketing season begin with three letters, IPL. The sensational Indian Premier League has gifted us moments to remember and moments to forget. By all means, every single sports fan looks forward to the new season that is bound to take place in a few months from now. On that note, today, we would like to talk to specific individuals who consider the aspect of betting. Whether you gained or lost money from the previous season, things are going to be positive by taking our tips into considerations. Hence, keep reading to know all about a couple of tips for this season.


    1. Past History

    Although cricket matches are quite unpredictable, things tend to depend upon the previous venture. Take, for instance, CSK(Chennai Super Kings), their way of playing and winning matches has a lot to do with their players and the level of consistency they have maintained. So by all means, it is good to dig in the past history of the team.


    2. Take note of Auction

    IPL auction describes matters for players and suggests the team that is going to purchase them. This is a significant aspect of betting since you get to know the kind of players that are going to be on your team. Understanding and examining the same will help you come to terms with the fact of results and how they can be guided along your way. For this purpose, tune in to watch the Auction and know all about your players.



    3. Current Status of Players

    Before the IPL begins, players will be engaged with tournaments and other kinds of events. Having a look at these matches will give you a basic idea about their current level of progress. For the 20 overs format, things are going to be different, so test matches need not be taken into consideration. But judging their performance on the current level will help you gain access to a format that they might play for IPL 2020.

    4. The Captain

    As far as guidance is considered, it would help if you also looked at the head of the ship. This individual will be responsible for strategic decisions and moves that come out of nowhere. For this purpose, you can need to examine the captain and keep an eye out for this man. His thought process tends to be on display at press conferences, and that goes a long way in predicting odds. So once you get clarified on the same, you will have a right clue about proceeding forward successfully. By remembering these points, you stand to gain, and the venture will be nothing short of a pleasure. Hence, that sums up our list of betting tips for IPL 2020.

    Fancy and Cricket Betting

    Cricket Betting

    Cricket betting tends to move around different forms and methods that arise through individual experiences. Although one can calculate their rate of success, things are not always that easy. A significant factor to play a vital role in that regard would be the term “fancy’. Based on your level of knowledge, you can either go for the same or avoid it altogether. But the impact is something that lasts for a long time, and people never forget the same. So to give a better understanding, we are going to dig deeper into this term and mark its association with the world of betting.


    The Introduction

    The term tends to describe a spread about the side that will win the match and also goes further to display the margin of victory. In terms of calculations and scoring, the team that bats first and triumphs will be awarded a single point for each run. On the other hand, if the team that bats second wins, they will be awarded 10 points for every wicket. So the winner will be based on these points, and only that will be taken into consideration.


    Unexpected Occurrences

    Unexpected occurrences for this market means situations that end up in a tie or the ones that get abandoned due to climatic conditions. In the wake of such occurrences, then you need to note that the match result for the market will be zero. Yes, that’s right. The supremacy does not work in this matter, and people might not have anything to gain or lose. In the case of test matches, the same rules apply based on limited-overs supremacy. By all means, these occurrences might be bad for the market, and nothing positive comes from the same.

    The Supremacy

    Understanding supremacy is quite easy when it comes to this market. Once you take all these points into consideration, you will get the right idea about the same. This tends to go out for the rules and regulations that you are bound to follow. By understanding the same, your mind will be able to bring out the differences between the underdog and the favourite. On all grounds, the underdog refers to the team that is relatively new and might lack experience. But they are not bad since they have created a name for themselves. On the other hand, favourites highlight teams that are favoured to win at all costs. In this manner, the supremacy market can be indicated when the favourites are listed first and the underdogs second.


    Without coming on board with the terms and conditions, one can never support the term or its meaning. Hence, by all means, you need to learn before you think about going ahead.