The Right to City movement stages demonstration demanding slum declaration

March 8, 2013

The Right to City movement, of which Transparent Chennai is a part, staged a demonstration on Saturday September 1st demanding that the government declare slums and put an end to the policy of relocation. Official recognition for slums, called “declaration” in Tamil Nadu, happened for the last time in the city in 1985. Without official recognition, slums do not have any legal protection from eviction and cannot legally get basic services and infrastructure. After Transparent Chennai presented somefindings about the city’s slum policies and their implementation in a workshop in late July,many of the attendees of the workshop, including members of slum-based organizations, communities, students, researchers and activists, came together to form the Right to City movement. To raise awareness about the importance of declaration, the Movement decided to stage this demonstration.It was attended by over 250 people, including a number of enthusiasticstudents from the Madras School of Social Work and DG Vaishnav who are supporting the Movement. Deccan Chronicle announced the protest, and The Hindu and The New Indian Express covered the event. The Times of India reported on the stories of many slum dwellers who attended the demonstration.