Pedestrian infrastructure, road safety and sustainable transportation


Road safety is a pressing issue – recent numbers reveal that one out of ten road accident deaths worldwide take place in India – but it is largely neglected by the local government. Chennai spends a great deal of money on automobile infrastructure, but does not invest as much in supporting the needs of pedestrians, bicyclists, or public transport users, and in improving their safety.

This area of research focuses on road safety, pedestrian infrastructure, and public transportation. Primarily, we collect and map data on accidents in the city, infrastructure for pedestrians including footpaths, pedestrian overbridges and subways, one ways, and traffic lights, and on bus and train routes. We also collect information on the governance of such infrastructure: how it is planned, budgeted for, and managed. With the support of national and international experts, we also develop tools to measure walkability in neighborhoods and wards, and to measure the quality of existing pedestrian and public transport infrastructure. We collaborate with local neighborhood associations, concerned individuals, and volunteers to use these tools, disseminate our findings, and bring the attention and investment of policymakers to these under-recognized issues.


Key Research

Materials from Public Meetings

Transparent Chennai - Maps, Data, Insights (1855)
The Students Network for a Walkable Chennai (1423)
Anna Nagar- 4th Avenue Road (1250)


Chennai Metro Rail - The Future of Our Mass Transport (9054)
For A Safe and Sustainable Chennai Pedestrian Safety is the Key (2103)
Road Safety in Chennai - A Concern for the Vulnerable Road Users (6222)


Accidents Summary 2006-2010 (1166)
Accident data_2010-2012 (1347)
Bus route length_2011 (1162)
Encroachment of Hawkers_2011 (1234)
Footpaths_2011 (1861)
Length of Roads_2011 (1129)
Subways and Foot Over Bridges_2011 (1714)
One ways_2010 (1602)
Pedestrian Crossings_2011 (1387)
Traffic Signals & CCTV_2011 (1473)
Regional Transport Offices & Road Safety Tax Fund_2011 (2146)
Ward-wise Pavement Details_2011 (1133)


RTI_CoC-Parks Department (1326)
RTI_CoC-Roads Department (1175)
RTI_Road Safety Committee (1102)
RTI_State Highways Department (city division) (1629)
RTI_State Transport Department (1154)


Survey 3_K K Nagar (1060)
Survey 1_Anna Nagar_Stretch 1 (1114)
Anna Nagar_Amenities-Utilities-Building Heights (1456)
Anna Nagar_Land use (1850)
Anna Nagar_proposed redesign (1394)

Survey Forms

Survey 1_Anna Nagar_Form (1211)
Survey 2_Nanganallur_Form (1381)
Survey 3_K K Nagar_Form (1440)

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