More press coverage of our work from the last two weeks

March 8, 2013

During Road Safety Week, the Times of India published an article based on researcher Roshan Toshniwal’s work on pedestrian infrastructure in the city, highlighting that most (52%) of the footpaths in the city do not meet the Indian Road Congress’s standards for minimum width. How can pedestrians be safe when they lack adequate space on the roads?

The findings from our Ward Accountability Experiment were put together in a report and released to the participants for their feedback. The report will shortly be available on the site in both Tamil and English. The Indian Express covered the release of the report here. Transparent Chennai Researcher Siddharth Hande emphasized in the piece that our data revealed where in ward interventions needed to be prioritized.

Researcher Siddharth Hande and director Nithya V. Raman were also both quoted in this piece from the Times of India that reported that Chennai ranked poorly on a livability survey of Indian cities. The article said that public conditions are poor because many residents do not respect public spaces, but also because the government has also failed to provide adequate infrastructure and services to meet surging demands.

And on a lighter note – in a report about a concert in which researcher Sid Hande played, he was identified as being of “Transparent Chennai fame.” Fame, indeed! We hope that this coming year brings a lot more activity, a lot more data about important issues, and LOTS more citizen engagement!