More press coverage for Transparent Chennai’s research!

March 8, 2013

The past few weeks have seen a number of articles reference Transparent Chennai’s research outputs. We’ve been a little late in putting them up, but here they are!

In early March, this blogpost  (with a hilarious concluding image – make sure and read through to the end!) on India Today’s website talked in detail about the lack of public toilets in Chennai. Another article in early April about India’s problem with open defecation in also cited our research about toilets in the city, and even linked to our toilets layer on our Build a Map page!

An article in the New Indian Express about how the city’s records of the poor are inadequate cited our research finding that no new slums have been officially recognized in the city since 1986, 26 years ago!

Finally, two articles, one in late March and one in April, cited our work on pedestrian infrastructure in the city. This article in the New Indian Express highlighted some of our findings about the poor quality of data in the city about sidewalks. Another recent article in the Deccan Chronicle quoted our transportation researcher Roshan Toshniwal talking about our study’s finding that hawkers actually take up a very small percentage of pavement space, “busting the myth” that hawkers and pedestrians are natural enemies on the city’s streets. Our research suggests that, in fact, a little imaginative planning could accommodate all road users!