Launch Event

March 8, 2013

The official launch of Transparent Chennai was held on the 4th of October at the University of Madras, and the event went extremely well. The launch of the website was featured in the inaugural session of the World Habitat Day celebrations in the city, organized primarily by UN Habitat’s Chennai office and the Department of Geography at the University of Madras.

Transparent Chennai received a lot of press coverage, both about the site in general and the launch, as well as of specific layers. Below are the links to some of the English newspapers that covered the launch. The site was also featured in the Tamil newspapers –Dinakaran and Dinamani.

The Deccan Chronicle covered it, as did The Hindu and the Times of India. The Hindu covered the World Habitat Day celebrations as well, and Transparent Chennai was mentioned again here, as well as in the New Indian Express.

But some of the most exciting coverage came after the launch about specific layers – the Times of India focused in on the toilets layer, and the New Indian Express wrote about both the slums and the toilets layer here.

We are hoping that we can harness all this excitement about the site into a lot of action – to continue creating the data on the site and to continue producing new and exciting findings. Please do contact us and join in our efforts to build the database to build a better city.