Electoral Accountability

WAE 57

Through the research on elected representatives, Transparent Chennai’s ultimate goal is to use the innovative collection and dissemination of information to elevate political relationships from their current individualised and transactional form to focusing on local development within the constituency.

This research area collects and disseminates the limited available information about the performance of elected representatives in office. This includes creating a database of information about elected representative performance including attendance at council and wards committee meetings, spending from their local area development fund, and participation in legislative proceedings for elected representatives at the city, state, and central levels within the city. We are also studying their de facto powers and limitations and the incentives they respond to trying to understand the environment in which councillors operate.


Key Research


Citizens report for Ward 176 (1737)
Roles and responsibilities of municipal councillors (21425)
Citizens report for Ward 57 (1470)
Citizens report for Ward 173 (1387)
Council performance 2007-2011 (3536)
Citizens report for Ward 176 (1733)


Council meetings Attendance details and analysis (1115)
Attendance of Councilors at Ward Committee meetings 2007-11: Aggregates and Analysis (1470)
Mayor funds and Councilor Aggregate and Detailed Ward Development Funds (1475)
Chennai Council Resolutions of January 2011 (1191)
Chennai Councilor Questions: Aggregates and Analysis (1471)
Chennai Councilor Speeches: Aggregates and Analysis (1320)
Aggregates for 2007-11 Council attendance, questions and speeches; Party-wise Analysis of questions and speeches (1448)
Resolutions passed in Ward Committee meeting of Zone 6: Details and Analysis (1211)
Council meetings of 2007 (1425)
Council meetings of 2008 (1514)
Council meetings of 2009 (1253)
Council meetings of 2010 (1414)
Council meetings of 2011 (1285)

External Resources

Ward Improvement Works rules (1227)
Standing Committee Powers (984)
Standing Committees (2231)
MPLAD guidelines (1143)
73rd Constitutional Ammendment Act (2354)
74th Constitutional Ammendment Act (1232)

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