City governance

City Governance

In order to improve governance processes in Chennai, Transparent Chennai collects data and creates maps and research on important civic issues in the city. Transparent Chennai has already placed information about the electoral boundaries of the parliamentary, assembly and corporation constituencies on its website. This can be combined with other features of the city, such as slums, roads, flyovers, garbage dumpsters and public toilets, to enable a user to make connections between elected representatives, constituencies, and infrastructure and services.

This research area conducts research and analysis on the municipal laws, planning processes, institutional structure, and organisational arrangements for the provision of basic services in the city, with the aim to understand the formal and informal ways they are accessed and provided. This research area will also create a repository of official data organised ward and zone – wise to provide salient municipal information about infrastructure, demographics, and services. In parallel, we have also developed tools for citizens to easily evaluate and monitor service and infrastructure quality.


Key Research


Findings from survey of infrastructure and services (1334)
Fight for Fair Fare (2310)
Mapping bus routes and governance (6108)
Street vending in Chennai (6699)


Budget Estimate 2007-2008 (930)
Budget Estimate 2008-2009 (863)
Budget Estimate 2009-2010 (1268)
Budget Estimate 2010-2011 (1246)
Budget Estimate 2011-2012 (1183)
Budget Estimate 2013-2014 (1428)
Zone 5 salient features (1588)
Zone 9 salient features (2821)
Zone 10 salient features (1920)
Zone 12 salient features (4756)
Zone 13 salient features (1612)

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